Miss Editha S. Cabilin
Provincial Accountant

Provincial Accountant’s Office
Provincial Capitol Building
Dipolog City
Tel. # (065) 212-3558


A.                  FUNCTIONAL STATEMENT

1.   Installs and maintains internal audit system in the Provincial Government.

2.    Prepares and submits financial reports to the Governor and to other concerned, officials of the Provincial Government.

3.   Informs the Sangguniang and other local government officials on the financial condition and operations of the Provincial Government.

4.    Certifies to the availability of budgetary allotment to which expenditures and obligations may be properly charged.

5.   Reviews supporting documents of varied financial claims before forwarding same to the Office of the Provincial Governor for approval.

6.    Prepares statement of journal voucher and liquidations of the same and other adjustment related thereto.

7.    Posts individual disbursements to subsidiary ledgers and index cards.

8.    Maintains individual ledgers for officials and employees pertaining to payrolls and deductions.

9.  Records and posts in index card’s details of purchase on furniture, fixtures and equipment including disposal thereof.

10.   Account for all issued request for obligations and maintains and keeps all records and reports related thereto.

11.     Prepares journals and the analysis of obligations and maintains and keeps all records and reports related thereto.

12.      Exercises such other powers and performs such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or ordinance.


1.      To provide accounting and internal audit services in pursuance with the provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991.

2.     To strengthen the internal control measures of the Provincial Government of Zamboanga del Norte, considering the total lifting of pre-audit by the Commission on Audits as provided under COA circular number 95-006 dated May 6, 1995.  





Under R.A. 7160, the Revised Administrative Code and other special laws, The Provincial Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Province and shall exercise the following functions:

1.      Advise the Governor, the Sanggunians and other local government and national officials concerned regarding disposition of local government funds and on such other matters relative to public finance.

    1. Take custody and exercise proper management of the funds of the local government unit concerned.
    2. Take charge of the disbursement of all local government funds and such other funds the custody of which may be entrusted to him by or other component authority.
    3. Inspect private commercial and industrial establishment within the jurisdiction of the local government unit concerned in relation to the implementation of tax ordinance, pursuant to the provisions under Book II of this code.
    4. Maintain and up-date the tax information system of the local government unit.
    5. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
    6. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
    7. Exercise technical supervision over all treasury office of component cities and municipalities, and
    8. Conduct tax collection drives in coordination with towns and barangays.


1.      To stabilize the finances of the province and its municipalities throughout the continuos program of improving local revenue collection efficiency and the management of each = resources.

    1. To provide the ProvicnialGovernor, members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and other officials such technical advice, financial data/or staff support which may be needed in policy formulation program implementation.
    2. To provide the province and its municipalities with an efficient and progressive organization for fiscal administration particularly in the collection custody and the disbursement of funds.





1.      Establishes a systematic method of assessment to ensure fair and equitable distribution of tax burden among taxpayers.

    1. Install and maintains real property identification and accounting system for the province and = municipalities.
    2. Prepares, install and maintains a tax mapping system in the province to ensure a comprehensive and accounting of all Real Property Units (RPUs) within the province.
    3. Appraises and assesses all RPUs within the province at its true current and fair market value.
    4. Conducts periodic inspection and evaluation of local assessment offices in municipalities to determine if these offices are providing adequate public service.
    5. Conducts review and audit of Municipal Assessor's accomplishment if same are in accordance with existing assessment laws, rules and regulations.
    6. Coordinate with the treasury office in the province and in municipalities in the collection of real property taxes through issuance of RPTOP and other related records.
    7. Attends all sessions in the Local Board of Assessment Appeals conferences and other similar activities called by Department Heads, Regional Directors and other higher management supervisors.
    8. Conduct tax information drive through attendance of SB Sessions, Barangay Assemblies and other similar venues.
    9. Performs other functions as maybe required by higher authorities for more effective implementation of the RPTA Program of the province in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations.


1.      To evolve a comprehensive system of real property appraisal that will ensure fair and realistic property valuation for taxation purposes.

    1. To establish a uniform assessment method and procedure that will equalize property values with the local political subdivision.
    2. To formulate and/or construct uniform standards as the basis for appraisal of real property located within the local political subdivision.
    3. To oversee the classification of real properties within the province for taxation purposes on the basis of the actual use.
    4. To implement the policies and procedure formulated and adopted by the Department of Finance for the improvement and development of reasonable standards of performance in the local assessment service.





The Provincial Library, a service-oriented institution, performs dual functions: that of a provincial library and that of a public library. As a Provincial Library it has continuously directed its efforts towards the development and preservation of its collection, facilities and resources to meet information needs of its clientele. As a public library, it acts as the central point of public library system in the province.


1.      To provide reference services and resources to the public.

    1. To develop, in cooperation with the local government units, a system of public libraries and information centers throughout the province.
    2. To develop resource sharing and wider access of information among public libraries linked as one by PUBLIN (Public Library Information Network)
    3. To give awareness or exposure to students or any library users in the use of information technology.  






1.      Formulate measures for the consideration of the sanggunian and province legal assistance and support to the governor in carrying out the delivery of basic services and provisions of adequate facilities under the Local Government Code of 1991.

    1. Develop plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the governor, implement the same, particularly those which have to do with programs and projects related to legal services which the governor is empowered to implement and which the sanggunian is empowered to provide for under the Local Government Code of 1991.
    2. Represent the local government unit in all civil actions and special proceedings wherein the local government unit or any official thereof in his official capacity, is a party: Provided, that, in actions or proceedings where a component city or municipality is a party adverse to the provincial government or to another component city or municipality, a special legal office may be employed to represent the adverse party.
    3. When required by the governor or sanggunian, draft ordinances, contracts, bonds leases and other instruments involving any interest of the local government unit and provide comments and recommendations on any instrument already drawn.
    4. Render opinion in writing on any question of law when requested to do so by the governor or sanggunian.
    5. Investigate or cause to be investigated any person, firm or corporation holding any franchise or exercising any public privilege for failure to comply with any term or condition in the grant of such franchise on privilege and recommend appropriate action to the governor or sanggunian.
    6. Investigate or cause to be investigated any local official or employee for administrative neglect or misconduct in office and recommend appropriate action to the governor or sanggunian.
    7. When directed by the governor or sanggunian,  initiate and prosecute, in the interest of the local government unit concerned, any civil action on any bond, lease or other contract upon any breach or violation thereof, and
    8. Review and submit recommendations on ordinances approved and executive orders issued by component unit.
    9. Recommend measures to the sanggunian and advise the governor on all other matters related to upholding the rule of law.
    10. Be in the frontline of protecting human rights and prosecuting any violation thereof, particularly those which occur during and in the aftermath of man-made or natural disasters and calamities; and
    11. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


To render legal services to the Province of Zamboanga del Norte






1.      To institute and prosecute criminal cases.

    1. To represent the Republic of the Philippines in all criminal cases.
    2. To appear as prosecutor before Regional Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts, Municipal Circuit Trial Courts of the province.
    3. To assist government officers in the enforcement of the administrative laws.
    4. Deputized by the Tanod bayan to investigate all Anti-Graft cases unexplained wealth and other offenses committed by the government officials and employees.
    5. Act as legal officers/adviser on all matters affecting the province and its political subdivision where the service of a lawyer is needed.


The purpose of preparing an increased budget for 2000 of the office of the Provincial Prosecutor is to enable this office to carry out its program of activities in the proper administration of justice, to promote the socio-economic program of the Republic and to ensure trust of the people through investigation and prosecution of cases in courts.  





Supervise all government Hospitals within the province of Zamboanga del Norte.

  • Implement, supervise and monitor impact programs of the Department of Health, viz.:

2.        Expanded Programs of Immunization
3.        Control of Diarrheal Diseases
4.        Acute Respiratory Infection
5.        Under Five Clinic/Growth Monitoring
6.        Breast-feeding Promotion Baby Friendly Hospital  Initiative
7.        Family Planning
8.        Nutrition
9.        Environmental Health
10.     Cardio-Vascular Diseases
11.     Cancer
12.     Community Based Disability Prevention  Program 13.     Blindness Prevention
14.     Occupational Health
15.     Tuberculosis
16.     Malaria
17.     Schistomiasis
18.     Leprosy
19.     AIDS
20.     Dental Health
21.     Hospital Care Improvement Program
22.     STD/NDP


1.      To implement, supervise and monitor public health program in the province of Zamboanga del Norte.

    1.  To supervise and monitor all government hospitals in the province of Zamboanga del Norte.  






The Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) shall continue to adhere to the policy and program standards of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in its commitment to pursue the policies and goals embodied in the Mediu.
 Term Philippine Plan for 1999-2004, the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act (RA 8425), and in the Institutionalization of the underlying philosophy of the Estrada Administration=92s development agenda which is anchored on poverty eradication the so-called "Kasaganaan para sa lahat, lalo na sa mahihirap" (Prosperity for all, specially for the poor)

Further, the PSWDO shall complement and support in promoting social welfare interventions for the poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged like: children, youth, women, persons with disabilities indigenous peoples, informal sector workers, victims of disasters, victims of human right violations, older persons, dysfunctional families and depressed communities using the Total Family Approach.

Likewise, the PSWDO shall enable the municipal/Barangay governments to empower communities especially in the 5th and 6th class municipalities throughout the Comprehensive Integrated Delivery of Social Services (CIDSS) to address their minimum basic needs.

    1. VISION

Poverty eradication and empowerment of disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities in partnership with municipal/Barangay LGUs, NGOs, NGAs, POs and other members of civil society.

    1. MISSION

To enable municipal/barangay LGU, NGOs, other NGAs and POs to effectively implement programs that will eradicate poverty and empower the disadvantaged individuals, families and communities for improved quality of life.  






Elevate the present status of farming and fishing to a higher level of productivity by providing extension services to farmers and fisher folks through technical assistance, educational programs on production, information dissemination, establishment of Demonstration Stations/Demo Farms and implementation of Special Programs/projects that will ensure higher production, increase income and enhance profitability.


General : Ameliorate the socio-economic condition of farmers and fisher folks.


1.      Bring about the effective and immediate flow of technical know how to rural people who depend on farming and fishing for living and providing support services and training to the end that they become productive, self-reliant and healthy members of the community.

2.        Make agriculture and fisheries much more vigorous, dynamic and stable base through massive campaign of production intensifying but cost-reducing technologies for the five banners of Agrikulturang Makamasa Program namely: Rice, Corn, High Value Commercial Crops, Livestock and Poultry and Fisheries.

3.        Project farming/fishing as a profitable  enterprise for the Filipino Family.






1.      To supervise Integrated Social Forestry Projects (ISFP)

    1. To validate Certificates of Stewardship issued and the actual occupants/beneficiaries.
    2. To establish linkage with other national agencies and other non-government organization.
    3. To conduct training/seminars to Upland Farmers on Sloping Agricultural Land Technology and Barangay officials on Small-Scale Mining Program.
    4. To regulate and conduct monitoring on extraction/quarrying of sand, gravel, pebbles, chromite, etc.
    5. To facilitate the processing of applicants for permits of sand, gravel, pebbles, chromite, etc.
    6. To implement Green-belting Program.


1.      To encourage upland farmer=92s participation in the implementation of Integrated Social Forestry Program.

    1. To maintain existing nurseries and establish other nurseries to meet demand of upland farmers for their tree planting requirements.
    2. To render technical assistance to ISF participants, Barangay officials and Sand and Gravel/Small-Scale Mining Permittees through conduct of training.
    3. To inform respective ISF participants, and permittees as to their roles in the implementation of ISF program and Small-Scale Mining Program respectively.
    4. To implement laws, rules and regulations pertaining to Small-Scale Mining Program.
    5. To help increase taxes collected derived from quarrying/extraction of sand, grand, chromite, etc.
    6. To plant seedling along the National Highway from Rizal to Kalawit, Zamboanga del Norte.  





1.      Initiates, reviews, and recommends changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures, and practices in infrastructure development and public works in general of the provincial government.

    1. Advises the Governor on infrastructures, public works and other engineering matters.
    2. Administers, coordinates, supervises, and controls the construction, mainte nance, improvement, and repair of roads, bridges and other engineering and public works projects of the provincial government.
    3. Provides engineering services to the provincial government, including investigations and surveys, engineering designs, feasibility studies and project management.
    4. Exercises technical supervision over all engineering offices of component cities and municipalities.
    5. Exercises such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


1.      Supervises the regular maintenance activities/operation on provincial roads and bridges and other infrastructure facilities consistent with available funds.

    1. Conducts periodic inspection, plans and introduce improvement on existing infrastructure facilities.
    2. Maintains and repairs 792.17 kms. Of provincial roads (Concrete 21.45 kms., Asphalt .90 kms., Gravel 769.82 kms.)
    3. Maintains and repairs 2,780.50 L.M. of existing bridges (concrete 2,514 L.M., timber bridges 73.50 L.M., bailey bridges 261 L.M.)
    4. Purchases and procures all necessary road maintenance materials and supplies for carrying out the regular programs.
    5. Extends technical assistance to the municipalities, barrios or barangays and other provincial  agencies.  





  Extension of minor and major medical and surgical operations.

  • Extension of medical health care to in-patient as well as out-patient of the province.
  • ZN-PH, in partnership with Local Government Units and private sectors, will ensure quality, equitable accessible health care delivery system by upgrading to tertiary level of care and  make it a diagnostic center by year 2005.


1.      To render medical and surgical assistance and treatment to all patients of the hospital.

    1. To safeguard and promote the people's health in sincere devotion and unselfish delivery of quality patients care to  the greatest number of least privilege majority.
    2. To provide adequate, quality and comprehensive  health service affordable to all. Sustain the curative, health care services, rehabilitative, preventive and promotive care services through active participation of both government and private sectors.




The main function of the Dr. Jose Rizal Memorial Hospital is to render preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative  medical health care to patients regardless of race, creed, sex, nationality or source of payment for care.


1.      To deliver quality health care to patients  within and outside its catchment areas.

    1. To provide efficient and effective out-patient care services.




Health is a basic human right, Labason District Hospital aims to provide the highest degree if quality care inspite of limited resources. It renders preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care to all patients irrespective of race, sex, nationality, religious, or socio-economic status.


1.      Integrate promotive/preventive/curative/primary health care services.

    1. Encourage people to participate in hospital activities such as treatment, maintenance of cleanliness, health education, networking activities, etc.
    2. To promote, protect, preserve or restore the health of the people through provision of delivery of quality health services.
    3. To provide medical needs to the underprivileged, sick, elderly, diabled women and children, and to provide free medical care to paupers.




The Liloy Medicare Community Hospital is a licensed 10-bed capacity hospital. This hospital is admitting Non-Medicare, Medicare, Pay-Patient and Charity Patients. Treating/Consulting patients at the Out-Patient Department daily. Presently we are functioning/operating as a 25-bed capacity due to excess admission which could not be refused. Per R.A. No. 7253 our hospital was approved as a 25-bed capacity hospital dated March, 192 but until this time there was no implementation, funds released to us still based on a 10=3Dbed capacity.


To see to it that the needy public who are in need of our medical services are well-attended and treated efficiently. TO give equal and just treatment to all incoming patients regardless of their category.




The Medicare Community Hospital of Manukan is a ten (10) bed capacity hospital which is operating under the Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Government. Presently, medical services is readily availed by the inhabitants living in far-flung barangays as well as the neighboring municipalities.


1.      To extend medical assistance to the increasing number of patients inspite of the hospital understaffing problem.

    1. To continue updating/upgrading knowledge and skills of the hospital personnel through training, seminars, and conferences/meetings.





To render curative, promotive and rehabilitative services to the people in the community.


1.      To improve the health status of the population in the areas through the cohesive and concerned efforts of the government, non-government organizations, and other sectors of the community for the attainment of a health, responsive, and health conscious citizenry.

    1. To provide maximum access to quality,  efficient, responsive, and affordable health care services.




1.      Extension of Medical Health Care to In-patient and Out-patient for the people of Sergio Osmeña Sr., and the neighboring barangays of the municipality of Polanco, Piñan and Mutia all of Zamboanga del Norte. Barangays of Josefina and Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur and barangays of Don Victoriano of Misamis Occidental.

    1. Extension of laboratory services to In and Out patients.
    2. Extension of minor surgical cases.
    3. Issuance of Medical Birth and Death Certificates.
    4. Extension of X-ray services.
    5. Extension of Maternal and Child Health Care.
    6. Extension of Medical Outreach Mission to far-flung barangays of the municipality.
    7. Referral of complicated and emergency cases to the Provincial Hospital.


1.      To provide curative care to In and Out patient.

    1. To give medical and minor surgical services to the residents of the municipality and neighboring Municipality of Piñan and Polanco, Zamboanga del Norte.
    2. To improve the health condition of the constituents of the locality and ensure a sanitary and epidermis free municipality.
    3. To decrease the morbidity and mortality rate of Gastro enteritis and Pneumonia cases.
    4. To improve and promote breast-feeding and mother awareness and its benefits
    5. To decrease the percentage of diseases dominating in the locality.




The main function of the Sibutad Municipal Hospital is to render preventive, promotive and rehabilitative medical health care to patients regardless of race, creed, sex, nationality or sources of payment.


1.      To deliver quality health care to patients of Sibutad and other neighboring municipalities.

    1. To provide efficient and effective out-patient health care services.
    2. Referral of patient to higher centers.




1. MEDICAL - involves treatment and management of patients through the Staff of Physicians.

2. PATIENT SUPPORT - which relates directly to patient care, and includes Nursing, Dietary, Diagnostic, Therapy, Pharmacy, and Laboratory services.

3. ADMINISTRATIVE - which concerns the execution of policies, and directions of the hospital Governing Board, and the discharge of support services in areas of Finance, Personnel, Materials and Property, Housekeeping, Laundry, Security, Transport, Engineering and Maintenance.


1.      Promote Health and Well-Being of the people in the community.

    1. To provide client-oriented service delivery.
    2. Improvement of hospital facilities and building structures.



The Siocon District Hospital will serve as the principal provider of quality hospital health care in the District comprising the municipalities of Siocon, Baliguian, Sirawai and Sibuco, all situated in the southwestern top of the Province of Zamboanga del Norte, with a combined population of 92,713. Its services includes in-patient, out-patient, emergency and Mother and Baby Friendly health facilities that will respond to the needs of the District, especially among the poor and needy.

It envisions to attain the best possible optimum care and treatment to all hospitalized patients regardless of religion, sex, age, race, social status and political affiliation.


To provide and maintain quality patient care and to make the hospital as Center for Wellness.

1.      To establish and provide an adequate and quality medical and nursing care.

2.        To strengthen and improve knowledge, attitude and skills of personnel.

3.        To be able to procure/maintain adequate and quality medicines and supplies.

4.        To acquire and upgrade equipment and instruments.

5.        To improve/upgrade hospital infrastructures and other support facilities.

6.        To establish an accurate/complete medical records.

7.        To strengthen two-way referral system.

8.        To establish good hospital networking.

9.        To upgrade the hospital into a secondary level general hospital.

10.     To foster and maintain good public relations.