Pros. Valeriano B. Lagula
Provincial Prosecutor






1.      To institute and prosecute criminal cases.

    1. To represent the Republic of the Philippines in all criminal cases.
    2. To appear as prosecutor before Regional Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts, Municipal Circuit Trial Courts of the province.
    3. To assist government officers in the enforcement of the administrative laws.
    4. Deputized by the Tanod bayan to investigate all Anti-Graft cases unexplained wealth and other offenses committed by the government officials and employees.
    5. Act as legal officers/adviser on all matters affecting the province and its political subdivision where the service of a lawyer is needed.


The purpose of preparing an increased budget for 2000 of the office of the Provincial Prosecutor is to enable this office to carry out its program of activities in the proper administration of justice, to promote the socio-economic program of the Republic and to ensure trust of the people through investigation and prosecution of cases in courts.