Sindangan is one of the oldest town of Zamboanga del Norte. The municipality was formerly an isolated barrio of the municipality of Katipunan as no roads connecting the place to its mother town. But as the years rolled by, Sindangan is now the number one revenue earner among the 25 municipalities of the province.

            Its corporate life started on December 22, 1936 by virtues of Executive Order No. 27 issued by the then President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon. The 61-year old municipality has been reared and nurtured by the ten dedicated and industrious chief executives namely: Bartolome Lira Sr. (1936-41); Emilio Ortouse (1942-45); Joaquin Macias (1946-67); Jode Tan (1968-71); Mariano Macias (1972-79);Ricardo Macias (1979-85); Cresente Llorente (1986-1995); and Winnie Albos (1995-present).

                As to how Sindangan got its name, several stories have been told. The first version narrates that a native fisherman carrying a basket full of fish was on his way home met a Guardia Civil, military guards during the spanish regime, who asked this question, "Que es el nombre de este lugar, amigo?" And the fisherman who did not understand the Spanish language answered "Indangan", believing he asked on the kind of fish he caught. The stranger heard this as "Sindangan", thinking that was the exact answer to his inquiry to the fisherman about the name of the fish. From then on, the natives used Sindangan to name the place until it became into a municipality on 1936.

Sindangan Municipal Hall