Provincial Departments Directory.

Provincial Governor

Provincial Governor's Office


MS. MA LEILA B. REALIZA PSWDO and OIC- Office of the Training Program Coordinator

Office of the Provincial Governor
Provincial Capitol Building
Dipolog City
Tel. # (065) 212-2414


OIC-Human Resource Mgt. Officer
Personnel Division

Office of the Provincial Governor
Provincial Capitol Building
Dipolog City
Tel. # (065) 212-4610

MS. GALILEE ROSE  B. CALO Head, Internal Control & Monitoring Unit

Office of the Provincial Governor
Provincial Capitol Building
Dipolog City
Tel. # (065) 212-6984

ENGR. RICARDO A. TENORIO Administrative Officer IV

Office of the Provincial Governor
Provincial Capitol Building
Dipolog City
Tel. # (065) 212-4838

MR. EDWIN A. BATION Provincial Tourism Officer-Designate

Office of the Provincial Governor
Provincial Capitol Building
Dipolog City
Tel. # (065) 212-2597



1.     Exercise general supervision and control over the programs, projects and services and activities of the provincial government.

2.    To see to it that all laws and ordinances relative to the governance of the province are faithfully enforced and all approved policies, programs, project services of the province implemented.

3.    To initiate and maximize generation of resources and revenues for the implementation of development plans, programs, objectives and properties.

4.    To ensure the delivery of basic services and the provisions of adequate facilities, infrastructure facilities and undertakings.

5.     To set up internal control and monitoring unit.


1.      To exercise, in conformity with law, general supervision and management over the provincial government and municipalities and other subdivisions (Barangays and Cities).

2.    To hasten enforcement of laws, decrees, ordinances, rules and regulations promulgated by the duly constituted authorities.

3.    Provision of adequate infrastructure facilities.

4.     Revenue Generation.

5.    Check and balance the financial transaction and monitor all activities under the provincial government.


1.     Determine the guidelines of provincial policies.

2.    Initiate the formulation of the Provincial Development Plan and cause the implementation thereof, upon approval by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

3.   Initiate and propose legislative measures to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

4.      Appoint all officials and employees whose salaries and wages are wholly and mainly paid out of the Provincial funds and whose appointments are not otherwise provided for in the 1991 Code as well as those he may be authorized by law to appoint.

5.     Represent the province in all its business transactions and sign in its behalf all bonds, contracts and obligations and such other documents upon authority of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, or pursuant to law or ordinance.

6.    Ensure that all officials and employees of the province faithfully discharge their duties and functions as provided for by law.

7.    Conduct periodic visits/inspections to municipalities, barangays, cities and offices.

8.    Conduct regular consultative conferences with representative from various sectors.

9.    Initiate adoption of Provincial Ordinances and Executive Orders. Memorandum Circulate and Directives to all officers of the provincial government in implementing general laws, decrees, rules and regulations and policies of the National Government.

10.    Initiate holding of conferences, seminars, conventions/meeting of provincial, city, municipal officials, elective or appointive, assigned to the province on such subject as he may deem important of the general welfare of the province and its people.

11.     Formulate peace and order plan for the province, in coordination with the mayors of component cities and municipalities and the National Police Commission and/or military authorities.

12.     Call upon appropriate national law enforcement agencies to suppress disorder, lawless violence, rebellion or sedition or to apprehend violation of the law when public interest so requires and the police force of the component city or municipality where the disorders the violation is happening are inadequate to cope with the situation or the violators.

13.   Ensure that all taxes and other revenues of the province are collected and disbursement and settlement of obligations of the province are in accordance with law or ordinance.

14.     Prepare the executive and supplemental budgets of the province for the ensuring calendar year.

15.     Require each head of office or department to prepare and submit an estimate of Appropriations for the coming year.

16.    Formulate efficient and effective property and supply management in the province.

17.     Devise and adopt adequate measures to safeguard and conserve land, mineral, marine, forest and other resources of the province in coordination with the mayors of component cities and municipalities.

18.    Issue licenses and permits and suspend or revoke the same for any violations of the conditions upon which said licenses or permits had been issued; and

19.    Institute or cause to be instituted administrative or judicial proceedings for violations or ordinances in the collection of taxes, fees, or charge and for the recovery of funds and property; and cause the province to be defended against all suits to ensure that its interest, resources and rights shall be adequately protected.

20.      Program and implement the construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, hospitals, irrigation system, wharves and their repair sand maintenance.

21.    Coordinate the implementation of technical services by the national offices for the provinces and its component cities and municipalities.

22.     Initiate the procurement of funds from feasible sources, for implementation of infrastructure and/or socio-economic projects.

23.    Formulate internal control measures to safeguard government funds.

24.    Ensure that procurement of supplies and materials are at reasonable cost and conforms to specifications and government standard.

25.    To ensure the immediate delivery of basic services to the constituents of the province.

26.  Monitors project as to its implementation regarding infrastructure, agriculture to include hospital operations and other agencies under the provincial government.