Provincial Departments Directory.

Mrs. Rosevic L. Ocampo
Provincial Planning and Development Officer

Provincial Planning & Development Office
Provincial Capitol Building
Dipolog City
Tel. # (065) 212-7857
Telefax # (065) 212-3625



1.     To formulate economic, social, physical and other development plans and policies for consideration of the Provincial Development Council.

2.    To coordinate the preparation formulation of packages of integrated project proposals that support the development thrusts of the provincial government, and national government, in general.

3.    Integrate and coordinate all sectoral plans and studies undertaken by the different function groups or agencies.

4.    Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different development programs, projects and activities in the province in accordance with the approved development plan.

5.   Prepare comprehensive plans and other development planning documents for the consideration of the Provincial Development Council.

6.   Analyze the income and expenditure pattern and recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the finance committee of the local government unit concerned.

7.   Promote partnership with LGUs and the private sector in development planning activities.

8.  Serve as Technical Secretariat to the Provincial Development Council, and the Provincial Land Use Committee

9.   Exercise and perform other functions and duties assigned by the Office of the Governor and as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


1.    To come up with the updated Provincial Development Plan (PDP) for the plan period 2000-2004 taking into consideration the 6 point development agenda of the present administration and ensuring at the same time its consistency with the regional and national development goals and objectives.

2.     To translate into specific programs and projects the PDP that are responsive to the requirements of the community, readily fundable, and most importantly do able within the 3-year period through the preparation of the 2000 Annual Investment Program (AIP) and the Provincial Development Investment Program (PDIP) 2000-2004.

3.   To have the Provincial Physical Framework Plan (PPFP) of Zamboanga del Norte ratified by the Regional Land Use Committee (RLUC) to guide the spatial development directions of the province until 2004.

4.  To provide the Office of the Governor technical assistance in operationalizing the proposed action plan to fast-track the development and operation of the DKRM-agri-industrial growth corridor.

5.  To fulfill its mandate in the morning of projects implemented in the province to be able to provide valuable inputs to all stakeholders in facilitating project implementation and in addressing implementation problems.

6.    To monitor and evaluate the performance of the provincial economy in aid of executive PDC/PDC-Ex. Com. Intervention.

7.   To upgrade/improve the technical capacities of the PPDO personnel through heightened exposure/hands on in project identification and preparation, project evaluation, prioritization and packaging.

8.   To be able to meaningfully provide technical assistance to the local planners, researchers, private sector, to the PDC/PDC-Ex. Com. SRA, LGSP, KR Program, and other clients.

9.   To be able to mobilize private sector participation and partnership in development efforts.

10. To be able to institutionalize a reliable and efficient data banking system in aid of decision-making and policy recommendations.


1.   Prepares updated Provincial Development Plan.

2.   Prepares AIP/PDIP.

3.   Prepares Socio-Economic Development Profile.

4.     Prepares 20% Economic Development Fund.

5.    Finalization/refinement of the Provincial Physical Framework Plan.

6.  Secretariat, PDC/PDC Executive Committee Meetings.

7.     Local Government Support Program.

8.   RP-Japan Increase Food Production or the KR Program.

9.     Poverty Alleviation Fund/SRA

10.   Regular monitoring and evaluation activities.

11.   Quarterly meetings with League of Local Planning and Development Coordinators of the Philippines, Inc. ZN Chapter.

12.   Consultation with partners in development-private sector, NGOs/pos, national implementing agencies, local government units, and provincial offices with regard to the preparation of the PDP, AIP and PDIP, and establishment of the provincial agri-industrial estate