Provincial Departments Directory.

Mr. Jose L. Bantilan
Provincial Secretary

      Office of the  Sangguniang Panlalawigan
Legislative Building. Capitol Park
Dipolog City
Tel. # (065) 212-3281



1.     Attends meetings, sessions and conferences of the body, keeps the journal of its proceedings and records other official acts of the provincial government, keeps the seal of the province and affixes to all ordinances, resolutions, executive order and other acts of the same and forward to the Provincial Governor copies of approved ordinances, resolutions and motion.

2.   Forwards to the interested parties certified copies of the records of public character upon payment to the provincial treasurer of such fees as may be prescribed by ordinances.

3.  Records in a book for the purpose, all ordinances, resolutions and motions directing the payment of money or creating liability enacted by the body with the date of passage and publication of the same.

4.     Causes each ordinances passed to be published, sees to it that canvass of election returns can be made in this office and results thereof posted on bulletin boards.

5.     Edits all ordinances, resolutions, journals, minutes and other official documents.

6.     Exercises general supervision over the staff of the Sanggunian.

7.   Maintains linkage to local legislative bodies to be able to conduct effective legislation.

8.    Exercises and perform such duties and functions as may be provided by law or ordinance.


Provision of auxiliary services to members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan


1.    Attend meetings of the Sanggunians and keeps a journal of its proceedings.

2.   Keep the seal of the local government unit and affix the same with its signature to all ordinances, resolutions and other official acts of the Sanggunian and present the same to the presiding officer for signature.

3.   Forward to the Governor, for approval copies of ordinances enacted by the Sanggunian and duly certified by the presiding officer, in the manner provided in Section 54, Book I of the 1991 Code.

4.    Furnish, upon the request of any interested party, certified copies of records public in character in his custody (Secretary) upon payment to the treasurer of such fees as may be prescribed by an ordinance.

5.    Records a book kept for the purpose, all ordinances and resolutions enacted to be adopted by Sanggunian, with the dates of the passage and publication thereon.

6.     Keep all confidential records therein open to the public during the usual business hours.

7.   Translate into the dialect used by the majority of the inhabitants all ordinances and resolutions immediately after approval, and provided under the 1991 Code together with the original version in the manner provided under the 1991 Code.

8.  Take custody of the local archives and, where applicable, the local library and annually account for the same, and

9.   Exercises such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinances.